About David Pflieger

With a background in aviation and law as well as an MBA degree, David Pflieger was hired in 2010 to revitalize and return Fiji’s national carrier, Air Pacific, to profitability. As a member of the officer start-up team that grew the award-winning Virgin America airlines from 14 employees to 1,300, David Pflieger negotiated most of the new airline’s key contracts and assisted with the majority of its strategic start-up and launch decisions. In his tenure at Delta Air Lines and its subsidiary, Song, LLC, David Pflieger served as a Boeing 737 pilot, Operations Attorney, Director of Flight Safety, Vice President of Operations, and Boeing 757/767 Pilot.

After a worldwide search in 2010, Qantas and the government of Fiji selected David Pflieger to lead the struggling Air Pacific. In less than a year on the job, the new Managing Director and CEO grew the airline’s annual revenue by F$40 million (USD$20 million) and cut yearly expenses by F$51 million–despite a 28% increase in the cost of fuel. David Pflieger effectively streamlined the company, restructuring the fleet and network of Air Pacific as well as its regional subsidiary, Pacific Sun. While adding additional aircraft and grounding others, he also renegotiated all union and management contracts, honed customer service objectives, and dramatically improved on-time and customer service performance.

David Pflieger has accumulated almost 4,000 total flight hours, with nearly 2,300 hours as Pilot-in-Command. He received his pilot training in the U.S. Air Force, where he served as a B-52 Instructor Pilot and Squadron Executive Officer. As one of the youngest commanders of a strategic nuclear bomber in almost 20 years, he also garnered the Air Force Commendation Medal for rescuing a B-52 and its crew. Subsequently, David Pflieger was the Officer-in-Charge of an Air Force Wing Command Post and C-130 Aircraft Commander in the Air National Guard. Presently, he maintains FAA certification as an Airline Transport Pilot with Airbus A320 and Boeing 757/767 ratings. David Pflieger additionally serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tourism Fiji, the country’s national tourism organization, and he sits on the board of Richmond, Ltd., which owns and operates Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa. He holds a B.S. from the U.S. Naval Academy, an M.B.A. from Emory University, and a J.D. with distinction from the Emory University School of Law.