Do you have Corporate Wellness?

Many corporations are beginning to offer Corporate Wellness initiatives to help improve their health, fitness, overall well being, morale and productivity of employees. This is a win-win for employers and employees if executed successfully. As a big result, the employees demeanor and health often improve, thus in turn improving productivity in the workforce, which helps the corporation’s success.

Providers are beginning to work very closely with corporations by providing health fairs, lunch n learns, shoe fitting clinics and even partnering to provide fitness solutions for organizations. The scope varies between companies depending on size and budgets. It’s no secret, though, that having a Corporate Wellness Department or even a single Coordinator is an expense that is difficult to justify in some work situations. However what some have witnessed is that organizations that have a dedicated entity towards employee health are able to provide a prolonged and sustainable benefit to employees.

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In 2015, Companies Address Climate Change through Corporate Sustainability

Eco-sustainability will likely matter more 2015 than anytime in past; this is the year the US’s biggest companies need to prove they are addressing climate change through sustainability, thanks to efforts of two presidents and the Pope.

Remember the green wave of 2007? Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth” won an Academy Award and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change made news worldwide with evidence of burning fossil fuels and global warming.

Consumers are researching brands’ environmental information like no other time, leaving most companies scrambling to share their environmental story.

Many brands went too far in that direction, often making marketing claims that were basically greenwashing lackluster efforts. Companies started to color their logos green and put bears in their advertising. These marketing decisions slowed during the 2008 recession, which cut corporate spending on sustainability.

Heading into 2015, we will finally reach the tipping point where environmental sustainability gains a stronghold in global society.

President Barack Obama recently brokered a climate change agreement with Chinese President Xi Jinping. After more than 20 years of climate inaction, the deal could lead to a global agreement to reduce pollution among 195 member countries at this December’s United Nations climate change convention in Paris.

Pope Francis is also taking action on climate change. Francis’ predecessors spoke out in favor of climate action. The Vatican now plans to do more in 2015 by issuing an encyclical that urges all Catholics to take action on moral and scientific grounds.


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Celebrate and Say “I Do” with Island Air

Island Air wants to ensure that every wedding is as unique and special as possible by making each couple feel special. With its brand new Island Weddings offer, the airline is offering the new bride and groom, in addition to family, and friends a 10% discount on their interisland airfare in addition to a personalized promo code to share with their friends and family. Island Weddings helps make it possible for everyone to join the celebration by bringing together family and friends to enjoy an unforgettable day for the new couple.

This 10% discount is available to all friends, family, and guests who are traveling between the islands to the wedding destination. In addition, the couple will receive an exclusive individualized promo code for friends and family to help book their flights, in addition to flexible flight dates. Additionally, there is no minimum number of guests who need to fly for this offer. To participate, guest must create an Island Miles account. Island Miles is a customer travel rewards program which awards guests who fly Island Air.

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Airbus A330 Unveiled in Rebranding of Fiji Airways

David Pflieger is a veteran of the airline industry. His current role is that of CEO and board member of Silver Airways. Dave Pflieger’s aviation experience dates back to his time in the U.S. Air Force. His achievements during that period included saving a B-52 bomber as well as its crew. Another notable achievement in the career of Dave Pflieger career is his role in the rebranding of Air Pacific. In 2013, the airline rebranded itself as Fiji Airways, adopting the Airbus A330 as its flagship aircraft.

Among the Airbus A330’s distinguishing features are its state-of-the-art design, fuel efficiency, luxurious cabin and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The interior was designed with a wider than average girth to accommodate between 250 and 300 passengers.

The Airbus A330 is also more fuel efficient, presenting a contrast to the airline’s previous aircraft models and bringing a modern quality to the newly rebranded airline. The plane owes its tail design to the Fijian artist, Makereta Matemosi. The design includes traditional Fijian symbols for connection, caring, and welcome.

Island Air to Offer Students Info on Aviation Careers

Island Air is offering students the opportunity to learn about aviation careers in a hands-on session.

The student Explorers Program launches Jan. 15 at 6:30 p.m. at Bishop Museum’s Atherton Halau. Students between the ages of 14 and 20 are encouraged to attend orientation with their parents to enjoy the 10 weekly sessions.

Program officials say students will learn about different aviation positions and learn from members of the Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Security Administration, and Air Traffic Control.

“Island Air is proud to offer a program for youth in Hawai‘i that allows them to aspire to an exciting career in the airline industry,” said Island Air CEO Dave Pflieger.

This is the seventh year for the program.

Applications to the program will only be accepted at orientation and the program will be limited to 15 students.

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Dave Pflieger – Virgin Biking

Dave Pflieger was a Senior Executive at Virgin America and was committed to helping his employees, customers, and citizens at large remain emotionally and physically healthy.  One of the initiatives that Virgin engaged in that no only helped the environment but also helped people’s health was the Bike ‘n’ Ride program Virgin Trains created.

In the UK, Virgin Trains helped be one of the first flagship Bike ‘n’ Ride companies after a $1 million pound funding deal with the Department for Transportation through its Cycling England Campaign.  More than 500 parking spaces are shared between Stafford, Stoke-on-Trent, Macclesfield, Stockport, and Manchester Piccadilly train stations for bikes.

Virgin Trains will also be supporting Manchester in its development of a rental bicycle system to help workers commute by bike.

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Dave Pflieger – Virgin America’s Carbon Emissions

As a Senior Executive with Virgin America for a number of years, Dave Pflieger was passionate about making sure the airline was a good corporate citizen.  His leadership helped lead the US operations of Virgin’s aviation division do well by doing good.  Here are a few highlights taken from the 2010 Virgin Groups Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report.

  • First carrier to call for global legislation on CO2 emissions from airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic was the first airline to fly on renewable fuels.
  • Virgin America was the first commercial passenger airline to join the US EPS’s Climate Leaders program.
  • Virgin America was the first US airline to document its carbon footprint according to the internationally accepted standards on the Climate Registry.
  • Virgin America operates a fleet that is up to 25% more fuel efficient than other fleets in the US (as of 2010).
  • Vrigin America offsets their carbon use with

As Dave Pflieger gets settled into his job as the CEO of Island Air, he will continue to make helping the environment a priority for the airline.

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Dave Pflieger – Virgin America Works With Communities

Each year, Virgin America’s staff invests enormous amount of money and time of their staff into making their community a better place within the destinations they travel.  Virgin America works with the California State Parks Foundations and selects California based offset projects via its partnership with  Virgin America also helps hosts regular e-waste collection events to clean up local beaches and parks.

The helping doesn’t just end at home.  Virgin helps with partners and projects all over the world.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Virgin’s partner CHATEF (Caribbean Hotels and Tourism Education Foundation) helps create an annual scholarship program for Caribbean citizens to study Tourism Management.  Unfortunately, higher education is prohibitively expensive due to a lack of loans in the Caribbean, so this program is greatly needed.
  • Virgin works with Oxfam and the Travel Foundation to work on agro-tourism that helps Caribbean farmers grow produce that local hotels can purchase, rather then rely on imported goods.
  • The Travel Foundation and Tribal Voice works with Virgin to help boost incomes to help ensure Maasai villages get a greater share of the money that tourists pay to visit their villages.
  • Virgin Unite’s Brandon School for Entrepreneurship gives students from Johannesburg the skills and confidence they need to establish their own businesses.
  • The Travel Foundation and Marine Stewardship Council raise awareness about sustainable seafood operations with hoteliers, restauranteurs, and tourists that help support the development of sustainable fish farming in Caribbean locales.
  • The Travel Foundation is helping to retain beach sellers in Sri Lanka as tour guides, that will result in higher and more sustainable incomes.

As Dave Pflieger gets settled into his role as the CEO of Island Air, he will institute CSR program in Hawaii in addition to the ones already in place to make sure Island Air is a good corporate citizen.


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Silver Airways Adds Fort Lauderdale-Jacksonville Route

David (Dave) Pflieger is a former U.S. Air Force aircraft commander who has since entered into the commercial air industry. Dave Pflieger, the former president and chief executive officer of Silver Airways, currently operates in the same role for Hawaii Island Air.

Throughout its first year of independent service, Silver Airways has established itself as Florida’s preeminent airline, running more weekly and monthly routes between 10 different cities in the state than any other airline. Silver Airways has also incorporated 15 non-stop flights and a number of travel routes between Florida and the Bahamas. In August, the airline added a route between Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville, the airline’s 16th interstate route. Fares can be purchased on this route for as low as $59. The announcement of the airline’s newest route came just days after introducing a further simplified refundable fares service.

With 25 Saab 340Bplus aircraft, Silver Airways operates the largest fleet of Saab aircraft on the continent. The 34-seat jets boast best-in-class fuel economy and comfortable passenger accommodations.

Vacation Options Abound in Fiji

With more than two decades in the aviation industry, David Pflieger is head of Silver Airways, an airline servicing several regions of the United States and Bahamas. Dave Pflieger’s aviation career began in 1987 when he started working as a B-52 instructor pilot with the U.S. Air Force, where he spent 10 years. Soon after, Dave Pflieger began working for Delta Airlines as an operations attorney, launching his lucrative career from there and leading him to his current role with Silver Airways. Just prior to this position, Mr. Pflieger had helped launch and oversee Air Pacific Ltd., a Fiji-based airline serving the South Pacific. Destinations like Fiji have a lot to offer, with a strong focus on tourism.

Visitors to Fiji may enjoy numerous activities such as boating, cave and helicopter sky tours, parasailing, spa treatments, and more on the islands. Numerous hiking opportunities exist, such as the Dawasamu’s Tova Peak hike in the District of Dawasamu, Tailevu. Snorkeling opportunities can be found in places like Beqa Lagoon Reef through fishing charters and cruises. The company provides any necessary gear, so novices and hobbyists alike can participate. Kula Eco Park hosts the only wildlife park in Fiji, with opportunities to see a variety of native animals, such as the endangered Fijian iguana.

Opportunities abound for visitors to Fiji, and Air Pacific can help travelers get there. Visit for more information.