An Overview of Island Air and Its Future

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Formerly the President and CEO of Hawaii Island Air, Inc. (Island Air), David “Dave” Pflieger led and oversaw highly effective restructuring, turnaround, and sale of Hawaii’s second largest airline in just 15 months. Dave Pflieger’s efforts and successful results were commended by the airline’s current owner and its new investors PaCap Aviation Finance, LLC, and Malama Investments, LLC. both of which are managed by Hawaii’s largest venture capital investment firm, PacifiCap.

Operating flights from Oahu to Maui and Lanai, Island Air is Hawaii’s largest regional airline. Having acquired new majority owners in early 2016, the airline now plans to boost the size of its fleet with additional aircraft that will allow it to expand to other neighbor island destinations. It was for that reason that Dave Pflieger and the new management team recently announced that Island Air would grow its network in mid-March with the addition of six new roundtrip flights between Lihue airport in Kauai and Honolulu in Oahu.

Originally founded as Princeville Airways, Island Air has served Hawaii for more than 35 years. The airline currently provides 224 flights weekly, and its primary aircraft, the ATR-72, accommodates 64 passengers, who are able to benefit from the airline’s low fares while traveling to neighboring islands. For more information about the corporation, visit

Island Air Introduces Youth to Aviation Careers

IslandAirExplorersIsland Air recently launched its 2016 Explorers Program with an opening orientation event drawing students from high schools and colleges throughout Oahu. Only 15 applicants will be accepted into the program, which offers a unique opportunity for young people to learn about jobs in the aviation industry.

Since Explorers was founded, 106 students have completed the 10-week course, and many have returned to the airline for internships and full-time jobs. The program became an official Boy Scouts of America Explorer Post in 2009. This year, it will offer students the same training in cockpit procedures that Island Air pilots receive. Students will look at visual displays of aircraft taxi, takeoff, landing, and approaches as they happen. The group will also practice reviewing checklists during different phases of flight operations.


The program is designed to expose youth between 14 and 20 years of age to careers in aviation, including airport operations and management, aircraft mechanics, and in-flight service. Weekly sessions will include visits from organizations such as Air Traffic Control, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Transportation Security Administration.

Island Air Achieves On-Time Performance in October 2015

Island Air logo 2012Island Air posted strong on-time numbers in October 2015 for its scheduled flights between Maui, Oahu, and Lanai. With 710 completed flights, Island Air fulfilled over 99 percent of its scheduled flights. The airline also completed 86.2 percent of its flights on time, defined by the U.S. Department of Transportation as those arriving within 14 minutes of the scheduled arrival time.

david pfliegerAccording to Island Air CEO Dave Pflieger, the October 2015 numbers are a reflection of the operational improvements made by the company in previous months. Looking forward, Island Air plans to release all flight performance data, enabling customers to gauge the efforts of the airline for themselves. Island Air also encourages customers to provide both positive and negative feedback in order to help the airline build a strong foundation in terms of flight performance and customer satisfaction.

To learn more about flight performance at Island Air or to book affordable inter-island travel within Hawaii, visit

Island Air Announces Island Travel Pak Coupon Program

Island Air Announces Island Travel Pak Coupon ProgramIn December 2015, Island Air launched its Island Travel Pak coupon program, which is designed to streamline interisland travel for both leisure and business travelers. For an introductory price of $429, leisure travelers can purchase six one-way coupons that are good for travel to and from any island in the Island Air network. Business travelers can purchase 20 one-way coupons for $1,499.

All Island Travel Pak coupons are valid for one calendar year from the date of purchase, and no blackout dates or minimum stays apply. To purchase an Island Travel Pak, customers must be members of the Island Miles frequent flier program. Customers will earn 500 Island Miles for each Travel Pak purchased, which can be used on Island Air flights or mainland and international flights through United Airlines.

According to Island Air chief executive officer Dave Pflieger, the program will provide an economical and convenient option for a variety of travelers. To learn more about the Island Air Island Travel Pak program, visit the airline’s official website at

Island Air Reports On-Time Flights and Few Cancellations

island airIsland Air announced in late 2015 that it would begin voluntarily releasing monthly operational performance data in an effort to provide customers with a better picture of how well the airline is performing on its inter-island flights, and to show how its operational performance is now on par with that of most major airlines.

According to the data, in September 2015, 83 percent of Island Air’s flights arrived on time and it completed 99 percent of its scheduled flights. In October, 86 percent of the airline’s flights arrived on time, and, again, 99 percent of scheduled flights were completed as scheduled. (On-time arrivals are defined as flights reaching the gate within 14 minutes of the published arrival time).

david pfliegerDave Pflieger, Island Air CEO, said in a press statement that the airline and its employees have worked hard to improve the airline over the past year to achieve such great results. “We couldn’t be more pleased with how well our team has been doing improving customer service and ensuring our passengers get to their destinations on time,” Pflieger said.

Maui, the most visited Hawaiian Island.

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Maui is said to be the most popular of the Hawaiian Islands. If it’s a vast variety of beaches that you want, then Maui it is. Maui seems a bit more relaxed and laid back then Oahu. We rented a Condo in Maui for two weeks at Kihei Gardens. It was a nice and spacious condo, decked out in Hawaiian decor (of course). What made Maui special for me was my sister visiting for a week! We got to see so many beaches together, go snorkeling, go to another Luau, and of course drive the Road to Hana. So the Road to Hana (aghh amazing), is the number one thing I wanted to do in Maui. You just hear so much about it, and it definitely lived up to all the hype. It’s basically a long road leading to a little town called Hana, so they say it’s not the…

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Paris Treaty: Are Corporations up to the Challenges?

By Dr. Kathy Miller Perkins

Note: this article is part of The Transatlantic Debate Blog series, which forms a conversation between Dr. Katrin Muff and Dr. Kathy Miller Perkins on business sustainability. Read the previous post here.

Last month, in anticipation of the COP21 meetings, my blogging partner, Katrin Muff, wrote about hope for a miracle in Paris. Her desire was for global leaders to come together to create a positive force in the world to address climate change. Now that the meetings have concluded, I believe most of us would agree that her hope was realized.  The outcome of the COP21 was an ambitious multi-country agreement that moves us forward in addressing the urgent issue of climate change.  However, as Jeff Nye states in the title of his recent SustainAbility blog,  We’ve come a Long Way from Rio but the Real Journey Starts Now.  He argues that this treaty merely “fires…

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CSR trends which emerged in 2015



It is 31 December 2015 and that time of the year, where people sum up their year and make resolutions for the New Year. Instead of doing same, I find myself rather strangely taking stock of the significant Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) trends which emerged from Corporate Ghana.

2015 has been a memorable year. Like others before it, it will soon be tucked away in the vaults of history. Despite this, the fact still remains that the corporate actions of some companies in Ghana, during the year will not be forgotten in a hurry.

These corporate actions (or let me call them social interventions) to a large extent, created shared value and gave hope to many in communities; where such companies operate or other areas, which were in dire need of such interventions.

In a chat with a CSR and Sustainability professional, who works for a top company in Ghana, he…

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Fastjet finally starts flights to Kenya

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Tanzanian low-cost airline Fastjet is set to launch daily flights to Nairobi from Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro on 11 January – 3 years behind schedule.

In november 2012, Fastjet started operations in Tanzania to great fanfare. It declared itself the first pan-african low-cost airline, with grand ambitions to quickly expand across the african continent. It announced plans for international routes from Dar-es-salaam to Nairobi and other african capitals. But it immediately hit a wall of protectionism. It took a whole year before Fastjet started its first international route from Dar to Johannesburg. And now, over three years after Fastjets launch, flights to Nairobi are finally set to take off.

So why did it take so long? There were no legal barrier that would prevent the service, nor were there any slot restrictions on the airport in Nairobi. The actual reason was that the Kenyan government simply waited three years to approve…

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Air Travel and Global Warming Go Hand In Hand

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Blog_Photo25Sure air travel is here to stay and the world cannot do without it. How else would you be able to breakfast in New York, attend a lunch meeting in London and dine in Paris, all within a span of 24 hours? Airlines on their part are going all out to woo passengers with the best business and first class amenities and are literally rolling out the red carpet for their hi-flying passengers. They are proffering lie-back sets, free drinks, on board kits and a slew of irresistible perks to their loyal frequent fliers.

All of this seems good till the time you look at it from the perspective of the environment. New research has proved that 1st class air passengers do much more damage on the environment than the average traveler. The carbon footprint of 1st class travelers is 9 times larger than that of coach class travelers. So…

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