Are Sugar Substitutes Worse Than Real Sugar?



Artificial sweeteners have taken over at the supermarket and the coffee shop, turning up in everything from sodas to ice cream and yogurt. These supposed “diet-friendly” options emerged to give consumers low-calorie alternatives to real sugar.

But a recent study from York University in Toronto suggests that sugar substitutes, particularly aspartame, could lead to an increased risk of diabetes if you’re overweight. Researchers surveyed more than 2,800 American adults and asked them to recall their diet for the past 24 hours. Based on their eating habits, they were categorized and placed into groups as either consumers of artificial sugars (aspartame or saccharin) or real sugar (glucose and fructose).

The researchers then looked at how well the participants’ bodies…

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Author: David Pflieger

David Pflieger is working as the CEO of Island Air, located in Hawaii. David received his pilot training in the United States Air Force, and has since held multiple positions with different airlines, for over 20 years!

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