Dave Pflieger | What To Do If Your Flight Is Delayed

Dave Pflieger highlights exactly what you should do if your flight is delayed.


Dave Pflieger, aviation professional with decades of experience, explains what you should do if your flight is delayed.

Here is an excerpt:

“A flight delay or cancellation is any traveler’s worst nightmare, however that doesn’t mean that a bit of preparation isn’t going to come in handy in order to tackle these difficulties and overcome them. Knowing rules and regulations may come in handy in order to take full advantage of the situation.
Know your rights
Depending on the airlines, different rules may be in places once a flight is canceled or delayed. Free re-bookings or refunds may come into place, along with being places on a similar flight with another airline – anything to make a customer satisfied, after all. Check the fine print to make sure what the rules are so you can be ready if the time comes.

Bought the flight with a credit card?
This isn’t a well-known fact, but buying airfare with a credit card may entitle the buyer to many protections, such as receiving compensation for a delay, or special rules that kick in once a flight is interrupted. Make sure to keep all documents on-hand in order for the process to be as quick and easy as possible.”

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Visitors to Fiji Can Enjoy a Multitude of Adventures

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With over two decades in the aviation profession, David “Dave” Pflieger serves as CEO of Hawaii Island Air, an airline that connects the islands of Maui, Oahu, and Lanai in Hawaii. Prior to his current work there, David Pflieger led the highly successful restructuring and turnaround of Air Pacific which he rebranded to “Fiji Airways”.  Dave was also the Chairman of the Board at Tourism Fiji, the national tourism arm of Fiji itself.

Visitors to Fiji have a host of outdoor adventure activities at their disposal, like boating, cave and helicopter sky tours, parasailing, and numerous other attractions on the islands.

The country offers a plethora of hiking opportunities, like the Dawasamu’s Tova Peak hike in the District of Dawasamu, Tailevu.

Aquatic locations, like Beqa Lagoon Reef, offer snorkeling opportunities provided by fishing charters and cruise ships. All levels experience levels are welcome to snorkel since the companies hosting the tours provide any necessary gear and instruction.

An extensive wildlife park in Fiji can be found at Kula Eco Park, which provides the opportunity to experience many native animals, including the endangered Fijian iguana.

Visit http://www.fiji.travel to learn about more visitor attractions in Fiji.