The Mamanuca Environmental Society – Protecting Fiji’s Environment

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Mamanuca Environmental Society

With more than 20 years of experience in the aviation sector, David (Dave) Pflieger has held leadership positions for such companies as Island Air and Virgin America. He led the latter company to become the first airline to report its greenhouse gas measures in The Climate Registry. Having also served as managing director and CEO of Air Pacific (now Fiji Airways), David Pflieger has long demonstrated a commitment to corporate responsibility, as evidenced by his participation in the Mamanuca Environment Society.

Founded in 2001, the Mamanuca Environment Society (MES) aims to protect the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji. The society was born out of the concern of members of the Mamanuca Fiji Islands Hotel and Tourism Association (MFIHTA) about the need to protect and improve the islands’ marine and terrestrial environments.

The society receives financial support through MFIHTA membership contributions and outside monetary donations. With this assistance, the MES engages both local and commercial stakeholders in educational initiatives about protecting the environment. The society also carries out a number of hands-on projects to monitor and protect the islands, including reef check surveys, water quality monitoring, and liquid waste management.

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Fiji’s Vacation Adventures

David Pflieger serves as the CEO of Hawaii Island Air, an airline that provides service between the islands of Hawaii.  Dave Pflieger’s aviation career began in the U.S. Air Force where he flew as a B-52 and C-130 pilot before he became an attorney with the prestigious law firm of King & Spalding and later worked as the chief operations attorney for Delta Air Lines.  After helping launch Virgin America as one of its founding officers, Dave Pflieger was recruited to be the CEO of Air Pacific Ltd., Fiji‘s national carrier, which he re-fleeted and rebranded to “Fiji Airways” and while in Fiji, Dave led and oversaw the rebranding and revitalization of the country’s national tourism office.

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Fiji places great emphasis on tourism, making it a top vacation destination. Visitors to Fiji can enjoy a host of outdoor adventure activities, including boating, cave and helicopter tours, and parasailing. Plenty of hiking opportunities exist: Dawasamu’s Tova Peak hike in the District of Dawasamu, Tailevu, is one. Locations such as Beqa Lagoon Reef offer snorkeling opportunities through fishing charters and cruises.

Fiji’s wildlife park is located at Kula Eco Park, offering visitors the opportunity to see native animals such as the endangered Fijian iguana.

Foundation for Rural Integrated Enterprises and Development

Foundation for Rural Integrated Enterprises and Development  pic Dave Pflieger serves as the president and CEO of Hawaii Island Air in Honolulu, Hawaii. Previously the CEO of Air Pacific, Ltd., David Pflieger was regularly exposed to economic conditions in Fiji. Empowered to help the under-served community, Dave Pflieger partnered with the Foundation for Rural Integrated Enterprises & Development (FRIEND).

Headquartered in Lautoka, Fiji, FRIEND was established in 2001 and provides programs that develop sustainable economic empowerment opportunities and improve health conditions throughout Fiji. Its programs include governance, youth development, Developing Enterprises for Sustainable Income (DESI), and PRISM.

FRIEND’s DESI program is a livelihood project that teaches skills to enhance economic opportunities among Fijians. The program offers training in product manufacturing, marketing, prototyping, and small business management. To ensure sustainability, the organization encourages the use of locally sourced resources when creating a product and a testing process to boost the likelihood of the product succeeding when brought to market. As a result, the DESI program offers citizens access to an income-earning business that will combat poverty.

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Visitors to Fiji Can Enjoy a Multitude of Adventures

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With over two decades in the aviation profession, David “Dave” Pflieger serves as CEO of Hawaii Island Air, an airline that connects the islands of Maui, Oahu, and Lanai in Hawaii. Prior to his current work there, David Pflieger led the highly successful restructuring and turnaround of Air Pacific which he rebranded to “Fiji Airways”.  Dave was also the Chairman of the Board at Tourism Fiji, the national tourism arm of Fiji itself.

Visitors to Fiji have a host of outdoor adventure activities at their disposal, like boating, cave and helicopter sky tours, parasailing, and numerous other attractions on the islands.

The country offers a plethora of hiking opportunities, like the Dawasamu’s Tova Peak hike in the District of Dawasamu, Tailevu.

Aquatic locations, like Beqa Lagoon Reef, offer snorkeling opportunities provided by fishing charters and cruise ships. All levels experience levels are welcome to snorkel since the companies hosting the tours provide any necessary gear and instruction.

An extensive wildlife park in Fiji can be found at Kula Eco Park, which provides the opportunity to experience many native animals, including the endangered Fijian iguana.

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