Island Air Achieves On-Time Performance in October 2015

Island Air logo 2012Island Air posted strong on-time numbers in October 2015 for its scheduled flights between Maui, Oahu, and Lanai. With 710 completed flights, Island Air fulfilled over 99 percent of its scheduled flights. The airline also completed 86.2 percent of its flights on time, defined by the U.S. Department of Transportation as those arriving within 14 minutes of the scheduled arrival time.

david pfliegerAccording to Island Air CEO Dave Pflieger, the October 2015 numbers are a reflection of the operational improvements made by the company in previous months. Looking forward, Island Air plans to release all flight performance data, enabling customers to gauge the efforts of the airline for themselves. Island Air also encourages customers to provide both positive and negative feedback in order to help the airline build a strong foundation in terms of flight performance and customer satisfaction.

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Island Air Announces Island Travel Pak Coupon Program

Island Air Announces Island Travel Pak Coupon ProgramIn December 2015, Island Air launched its Island Travel Pak coupon program, which is designed to streamline interisland travel for both leisure and business travelers. For an introductory price of $429, leisure travelers can purchase six one-way coupons that are good for travel to and from any island in the Island Air network. Business travelers can purchase 20 one-way coupons for $1,499.

All Island Travel Pak coupons are valid for one calendar year from the date of purchase, and no blackout dates or minimum stays apply. To purchase an Island Travel Pak, customers must be members of the Island Miles frequent flier program. Customers will earn 500 Island Miles for each Travel Pak purchased, which can be used on Island Air flights or mainland and international flights through United Airlines.

According to Island Air chief executive officer Dave Pflieger, the program will provide an economical and convenient option for a variety of travelers. To learn more about the Island Air Island Travel Pak program, visit the airline’s official website at

Hawaii Makes Smoking Age 21

I think that at this point it’s safe to say that smoking is bad for you and your health. Numerous studies have show that tobacco is bad, inhaling smoke is bad, and the myriad of chemicals they put in cigarettes are just as bad, if not worse, than everything else listed above. While the popularity of smoking has been declining recently, there’s no denying that it is still popular across the country and making people sick every year.




In an attempt to cut down on the health and human costs of smoking, various cities (most noticeably New York City) have raised the legal age of purchasing cigarettes from the previous age of 18 to 21. Hawaii is the latest to raise the age in an effort to limit the amount of cigarettes (both traditional and electronic) sold and to lead to a healthier population. Hawaii is also the first state to attempt this sort of legislative change, meaning that it is going to be a battleground between pro and anti-smoking factions. There were also most likely be cries of personal freedoms and infringements thrown into this as well.

However, there is one thing that may make it so the controversy doesn’t really take much flight. Hawaii is home to numerous US military bases and all of the bases have expressed support and approval for the new law. A Navy spokesperson said that the new laws would help maintain both soldier health and readiness and that it would go into effect on the bases. Like the alcohol age, critics are saying that if a person is willing and able to die and kill for their country, they should be able to smoke. Since the law is brand new, warnings will be handed out instead of fines for the first 3 months.

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Fiji Airways Announces New Singapore Route

Continuing the growth trend launched several years ago by former managing director and CEO Dave Pflieger, Fiji Airways recently announced an upcoming addition to its regular routes. Starting next year, Fiji Airways will offer direct flights to Singapore, a booming economic and tourism hub for the entire Southeast Asia region.

Singapore has long been a desired destination for the airline given the location’s great potential to open up new trade and tourism opportunities for Fijians. The announcement has already been applauded by the president of the Fiji Manufacturers Association, who mentioned the key role Singapore could play, not only in increasing Fiji’s overall connectivity to Asia, but also in increasing sourcing opportunities for raw materials and technology. A direct Singapore route also represents a major boon to exporters, allowing perishable items such as seafood and flowers to be sent fresh to high-demand markets like Malaysia and Thailand.


As for tourism, industry experts are hopeful that a new access point at such a critical hub will be an important draw for tourists, particularly Europeans, wishing to connect to other parts of Asia and the South Pacific. Singapore will also provide a new, significant link to growing tourist markets in China and India.

Fiji Airways will grow its fleet in December of this year, when it takes delivery of a new A330-300 aircraft. Service to Singapore is expected to begin in the spring of 2016.