Fiji Tourism Boom Accompanied by Push for Sustainability


In Fiji, tourism serves as a major pillar of economic security, with one-fourth of the economy based in the tourism industry. Indeed, in 2014 alone, over 700,000 visitors came to Fiji, making it another record-breaking year for the popular destination. However, as with many beautiful countries in the South Pacific, Fiji faces a fundamental problem: balancing the growth of the tourism industry with the protection of the natural beauty that makes the nation so popular with vacationers. Luckily, Fiji is using its booming tourism industry to foster sustainable initiatives.

Fiji’s green growth framework seeks to partner the tourism industry and local communitiesfiji sustainability issues in protecting delicate natural environments. Coastal villages work on the management of the country’s 170 marine protected areas, while local business initiatives aim to foster healthy economic growth. Meanwhile, ecotourism is enjoying significant gains, with several environmentally friendly resorts popping up in Fiji. Given that tourism remains the most carbon-intensive industry in the region, the country expects to face significant challenges in offsetting carbon through ecologically sustainable action, challenges it will meet with local and international partners alike.


Author: David Pflieger

David Pflieger is working as the CEO of Ravn Alaska. David received his pilot training in the United States Air Force, and has since held multiple positions with different airlines, for over 20 years!