Airbus A330 Unveiled in Rebranding of Fiji Airways

David Pflieger is a veteran of the airline industry. His current role is that of CEO and board member of Hawaii Island Air. Dave Pflieger’s aviation experience dates back to his time in the U.S. Air Force where he served as a B-52 bomber Instructor Pilot.  One of his more notable achievements was his role in the rebranding of Air Pacific to “Fiji Airways” and adopting the Airbus A330 as its new flagship aircraft.

Among the Airbus A330’s distinguishing features are its state-of-the-art design, fuel efficiency, luxurious cabin and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The interior was designed with a wider than average girth to accommodate between 250 and 300 passengers.

The Airbus A330 is also more fuel efficient, presenting a contrast to the airline’s previous aircraft models and bringing a modern quality to the newly rebranded airline. The plane owes its tail design to the Fijian artist, Makereta Matemosi. The design includes traditional Fijian symbols for connection, caring, and welcome.


Author: David Pflieger

David Pflieger is working as the CEO of Ravn Alaska. David received his pilot training in the United States Air Force, and has since held multiple positions with different airlines, for over 20 years!

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