Dave Pflieger – Virgin America Works With Communities

Each year, Virgin America’s staff invests enormous amount of money and time of their staff into making their community a better place within the destinations they travel.  Virgin America works with the California State Parks Foundations and selects California based offset projects via its partnership with carbonfund.org.  Virgin America also helps hosts regular e-waste collection events to clean up local beaches and parks.

The helping doesn’t just end at home.  Virgin helps with partners and projects all over the world.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Virgin’s partner CHATEF (Caribbean Hotels and Tourism Education Foundation) helps create an annual scholarship program for Caribbean citizens to study Tourism Management.  Unfortunately, higher education is prohibitively expensive due to a lack of loans in the Caribbean, so this program is greatly needed.
  • Virgin works with Oxfam and the Travel Foundation to work on agro-tourism that helps Caribbean farmers grow produce that local hotels can purchase, rather then rely on imported goods.
  • The Travel Foundation and Tribal Voice works with Virgin to help boost incomes to help ensure Maasai villages get a greater share of the money that tourists pay to visit their villages.
  • Virgin Unite’s Brandon School for Entrepreneurship gives students from Johannesburg the skills and confidence they need to establish their own businesses.
  • The Travel Foundation and Marine Stewardship Council raise awareness about sustainable seafood operations with hoteliers, restauranteurs, and tourists that help support the development of sustainable fish farming in Caribbean locales.
  • The Travel Foundation is helping to retain beach sellers in Sri Lanka as tour guides, that will result in higher and more sustainable incomes.

As Dave Pflieger gets settled into his role as the CEO of Island Air, he will institute CSR program in Hawaii in addition to the ones already in place to make sure Island Air is a good corporate citizen.


from Dave Pflieger CSR http://ift.tt/1u6N7kq


Author: David Pflieger

David Pflieger is working as the CEO of Ravn Alaska. David received his pilot training in the United States Air Force, and has since held multiple positions with different airlines, for over 20 years!

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